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Trinidad Doubles (Pack of 6)

Doubles are a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago.



Doubles are a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a sandwich made with two flat fried breads, called “bara”, filled with curried chick peas called channa. It is then Topped with a variety of spicy chutneys (mango, cucumber, coconut, tamarind) and extra pepper sauce (ranging from a dash “slight” to much more “plenty”), this delicacy is undoubtedly the most popular fast food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually eaten for breakfast, but can be a late night snack as well.

The doubles come with tamarind sauce and are already made up with the bara. They are all individually wrapped and ready to heat up and eat.

Doubles need to be either frozen by you or used the next day if kept in the fridge.


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