Trinidad Christmas Parang Music

Trinidad and Tobago is a rich mix of cultures and traditions. They are famous for Calypso, Steel pan and Carnival. Thousands of people visit Trinidad and Tobago in February every year for carnival. During Christmas however the music that plays everywhere is Parang. The word “Parang” comes from the Spanish word know as “parranda” which […]

Christmas Pastelles and Trinidad Black Cake

Black Cake and Pastelles for a Trini Christmas in the UK. If you are planning on staying in the UK this year for Christmas then don’t worry we have you covered. We can deliver your Trinidad Christmas comforts anywhere in the UK. These items go on sale from September until mid December. We will be […]

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We are now open. We only have Doubles, Dhal Puri Roti and Pholourie for sale at the moment.